Storied tell of one of the things you love the most… 😊

Once upon a time, there was a little farm with cotton plants across the meadows. A small outcrop of some plants was not in shape and were being not normal.

Reason? They had outgrown other plants and were not going to be the part of harvest.

The farmer had a cute little daughter you used to tend them and talk to them every day, explaining them that they will be part of her life forever.

But How?

That was a concern of on of the flower with its gleaming white shreds and shining cotton threads, winding down in the shadow of the Sun.

One day, that future came. The farmer harvested the crop, leaving these plants lonely in the field, afraid of animals and high winds which might cut short their lives with ending in no purpose.

They silently bagged the daughter to get the flowers and show them the life beyond the meadow.

Daughter seemed to be sad at some moments while looking at them everyday but in the end, one evening while no one was looking, she plucked some flowers and took them home.

Now what?

They set at one end of her room and waited and waited, withering in the season and still waiting for the moment which cannot come soon.

To the surprise of them, daughter was learning to make something, which she carried everywhere and was one of her favourite things. She was going to make a strap of her bag out of those flower threads!!

One fine noon, she sat and started working on her unique skill and transformed all those cotton flowers in to fine threads of the silky laces of the bag. She dubbed them in colours and made bright orange to lovely red streaks across them and weaved them together to form a strap.

Finally, it got attached on the hand made bag and cotton flowers were delighted to see themselves transformed from the lonely outpost of meadows to fulfilling a purpose with love from that cute little daughter.

Family was delighted to see the new bag and they encouraged to march ahead with more creativity.

This is one of the imaginary stories of how handmade bags are conceived and takes shape in our world.

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Till then, au revoir!