Loxie Silver Charm Necklace
Loxie Silver Charm Necklace

Loxie Silver Charm Necklace


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Enhance your outfit's look by adding this elegant Loxie silver charm necklace that has a cute flower pendant. The pendant is available in an alluring shade that increases the elegance and style effortlessly. Up the ante by including the beautiful piece of jewelry. The exceptional pearls in the necklace add more value to the outfit, and this is the best fancy silver charm jewelry that you should have to flaunt your fashion game. 

Whether you prefer traditional attire or a sophisticated look, the necklace is perfect and suitable with any attire. Elevate your ethnic outfit and increase the style points by several notches. This one-of-a-kind silver charm necklace jewellery is all you need to spice up your ensemble. Add a trendy touch with vintage style, and this necklace is great for sure.

The necklace is perfectly crafted, and the flower pendant adds an instant style to your look. Complete your fashion jewelry collection with the best necklace type and use it to wear with your regular outfits. You can include this jewelry to accentuate the attire and head out to any event confidently. The necklace can influence everyone around as the style statement remains unique and bold. 

Go for additional layers if you wish and experiment with a mix of metals. This timeless yet trendy collection can look good in any outfit and gives an edgy look. Finally, embellish your jewelry box by adding this stunning piece of jewelry. This necklace is essential, and you don't need other statement pieces as it includes a style to your outfits.


The necklace is designed perfectly to fit your neckline, and they are surely for a maximalist's look that emphasizes bold patterns and vibrant shades. The chain holding all these trinkets is available in both gold and silver. So, you can go for any metal that you like the most. 


The necklace brings in different colors like white pearls, yellow and brown flowers and the silver chain. The flower pendant is elegant and allures the onlookers. However, it is essential to keep other elements minimal as the pendant looks bold, which enhances the style statement to another level.

Closure and Dimension 

This necklace lengths perfectly fit in the neckline and is fine for layering with lengthy necklaces.


It is essential to the water, chemicals and detergents at bay. If you insist on cleaning the jewelry, it would be better to use the soft and clean cloth. Before storing, ensure you clean it well and store it in a dry place. For necklace storage, use an airtight container and lock moisturize to prevent the color from fading away.

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