Image of Zircon White Charm Bracelet - Front view
Image of Zircon White Charm Bracelet - Front view
Image of Zircon White Charm Bracelet - Side view
Image of Zircon White Charm Bracelet - Side view

Zircon White Charm Bracelet


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Women wear beautiful bracelets as they symbolize beauty and attractiveness. Bracelets and watches are hand jewelry that all women love. 

ZIRCON WHITE CHARM BRACELET is a stunning and attractive bracelet for women and college-going girls. If you want a bracelet that attracts everyone at an occasion or a party, this is the perfect bracelet. 


The material used to make this bracelet is very good quality; silver color metal has been used to make this bracelet, and small crystal stones installed in it are transparent. 


This bracelet is entirely silver in color; its color quality is extremely fine and rich.


This bracelet is in a standard size; it is designed so that it can be made small or big as per requirement; it will fit comfortably on every wrist.


The material from which this bracelet is made does not cause any harm to the skin; it is an anti-allergic bracelet. This bracelet jewelry is suitable for both your style and skin


Made of a silver-colored cable chain, this bracelet gives an explicit look. Small silver stones are neatly placed in this bracelet which enhances the beauty of this bracelet. The bracelet is so beautifully designed that the metal pearl attached to the back of its chain makes it look stunning. It will be liked and loved by those girls and women who are crazy about fashion.


It is a gorgeous and cute bracelet to give as a gift. This bracelet is perfect for gifting on every occasion. Whether you provide it to your girlfriend or a best friend or your wife, it is an extremely good gift for everyone. You can layer it as it is a great bracelet to wear with watches. 


This bracelet is very fine and sturdy in quality, but every piece of jewelry needs some maintenance. Similarly, if some precautions are taken while wearing and keeping this bracelet, it will remain new for a long time. Whenever you maintain it after wearing it, keep it in a separate box. It should not be kept with any other jewelry; otherwise, it may get scratches, or stones may come out. It should be kept away from perfume, alcohol, water, etc. otherwise; its luster may turn black. It is best to wipe it with a dry and soft cloth. The bracelet can be worn in the shower, but there is a risk of water damage to the leather, so be careful or remove it before bathing.

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